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STOP the deviation of Imposter Syndrome 

Are you being destroyed by Imposter Syndrome (IS) and finding you are not able to move forward in life? That you are not thriving?

The Coach with me and...

  • Discover the root cause of your IS

  • Live empowered

  • Increase your confidence

  • Establish your own strategies for overcoming IS

  • Thrive in your life

  • Define your own life

  • You are worth $125 
  • Who Am I?

    Someone who believes in YOUR ability to thrive in all you do.

    Dr. Lorena Hawkins

    I am a doctor of occupational therapy and specialize in helping individuals like you understand how YOU and your energy show up in the Imposter Syndrome. 

    When YOU understand who you are within the Imposter syndrome, YOU will be about to create strategies to change how Imposter Syndrome affects YOU and then how to begin to THRIVE in all YOU do.

    Why do I believe in coaching YOU? Because you are a superstar and I believe you can fly. 

    YOU are worth $125 to change your life


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